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A Must-Have Piece of Equipment that has Salon Professionals Buzzing!

Not a novelty from your local electronic gadgets store, or a shop vac hiding in a box, but a REAL Central Vacuum with all the power and capacity you’d expect!

Just place it where you want it, plug it in and start vacuuming – the power of a central vacuum unit without a complicated installation!

Our HairJet Salon Vac features the Automatic Dustpan that Salons have demanded! With the dustpan in its 'open' position, sweep waste hair and debris to the opening, flip the conveniently-located switch on top of the unit, and debris are whisked away! Simply flip the switch to 'off' once you're finished. Leave the dustpan open for later use and all you will need to do is flip the switch for vacuum activation. No more touching waste hair or fumbling with a conventional dustpan again.

Easy to Sweep!Easy to Sweep: The HairJet features an automatic dustpan at the base of the unit. Sweep hair and debris to the opening. With a simple toe tap, the unit turns on and evacuates the debris. The debris is never touched by the operator. The ultra quiet HairJet will not disturb your work environment.

Easy to Vacuum!Easy to Vacuum: The HairJet also comes standard with a conventional central vacuum inlet valve that allows conventional vacuuming by using compatible central vacuum hoses and accessories you might already have or from our optional Accessory Value Pak. By using accessories, you’ll be able to clean far above and beyond your immediate work area.

Convenient Large Capacity!Convenient – Large Capacity: Convenient throw away bag can handle up to 200 haircuts! Maintenance is simple too! Just lift up the top lid and remove the disposable filter bag and replace with a new one. (Or, add on our own money-saving Reusable, Zippered Capture Bag for HairJet Salon Vac.)

Features & Benefits

  • The easy-to-replace throw-away capture bag can handle up to 200 hair cuts
  • The ultra quiet HairJet will not disturb your work environment
  • If you move, you can take it with you – NO PERMANENT INSTALLATION IS NECESSARY
  • Set it in place, plug it in, and start using it
  • No more bending with a conventional dust pan

HairJet is Ideal for:

  • Hair Salons
  • Dog Groomers
  • Nail and Beauty Salons
  • Veterinary Clinics

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