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If you’re not selling Galaxie Central Vacuum Systems, you’re loosing a tremendous income opportunity.

Central vacuums are rapidly becoming the number one convenience appliance being installed in homes nationwide!!

  • Increase profits while on the job at your regular trade.
  • Excellent way to fill in during off season lulls.
  • Fastest growing segment in the new construction business.
  • Be in business for yourself.
  • Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.
  • Private label opportunities available.
  • Training and financing available.

Excellent opportunities are available throughout the United States for becoming a Galaxie Dealer!!

The Galaxie Dealer/Distributor Plan offers you an exceptional opportunity to increase your revenues. It is easy, inexpensive and less risky than setting up a business on your own.

Galaxie Central Vacuum Systems is headquartered in Methuen, MA. We began operations in 1964, just the way you would, and began manufacturing in 1974. Vacuum systems are our only business, so you can be assured of quality throughout the product line, all the time. The Galaxie Central Vacuum System is easy to install, performs extremely well, and is priced to permit excellent profit margins while being reasonably priced to the end user. We now enjoy a vast Dealer/Distributor network of tradesman and people just like you.

There are no guarantees of success. However, Dealer/Distributorships such as the Galaxie Plan tend to be startlingly successful, even in tough economic times. The plan offers you the opportunity to participate in a successful business format within your geographical area, with a proven product.

You receive valuable management expertise and an established reputation which draws customers. Other benefits include free training in sales, service, installation, advertising know-how, incentives, and credit assistance.

Take advantage of our four decades of experience to help position yourself to acquire and improve personal income. Become a Galaxie Dealer/Distributor!

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