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Do-It-Your-Way with our Do-It-Yourself Central Vacuum Kits - As Low As $599 AND FREE Shipping!

A central vacuum system makes a great addition to any home, whether it's an existing home or new construction. Our do-it-yourself central vacuum installation packages are tailored to your specific needs and wish list: we’ll make sure you have exactly what you’ll need and we won’t sell you what you don’t! Call or fill in our Quick Quote form for manufacturer direct discounted pricing on a Galaxie Central Vacuum powered central vacuum system kit. You’ll be surprised how affordable a Central Vacuum System can be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our DIY Kits

Central Vacuum Kits Are Easy To InstallI don’t even know where to start!

That’s what our Quick Quote process is all about. By answering a simple series of questions about your home, you’ll be telling us everything we need to know to properly size a system – the power unit, number of inlets, installation pieces, etc. – for YOUR home, not a prepackaged selection ‘for the average home.’ Plus, we always have a FREE accessory offer for customers who use our Quick Quote.

Why Quotations and NOT Website Pricing?

When we tailor your system kit to your exact needs and desires, the possibilities are endless! We couldn’t possibly do justice to pricing these infinite variations on our website. AND, not to mention the flexibility we have to SAVE YOU MONEY when we prepare the perfect combination of system, installation pieces and accessories for your needs – buying your Galaxie from us means buying FACTORY DIRECT, and we save you money this way. (We also honor our dealers by not showing unit pricing on our website.) Get your Quick Quote now!

Can’t I just purchase everything I need through your website?

You might find a pre-configured kit that will suit your needs perfectly. BUT, if our pre-configured kits aren’t adequate, or if you just don’t want to risk guessing, using our quotation system (or giving us a call) is the way to go because we will SAVE YOU MONEY versus just adding the component prices together in our shopping cart. YOU’LL BE SURPRISED just how affordable a FACTORY DIRECT central vacuum system can be! Get your Quick Quote now!

Can I upgrade from the standard accessories or include the latest gadgets?

This is the reason we call it Do-It-Your-Way. We can upgrade your kit with a power brush kit, VacPan, Wally Flex, you name it! We’re glad to add any central vacuum accessory we have to your kit quote upon request. One of the most popular choices is to upgrade from the standard six piece attachment set to one of our Power Brush Packages. The possibilities of customizing your central vacuum kit are endless! Look through our website and make your wish list, then ask our representative for details. Get your Quick Quote now!

Why YOUR kit?

Because our kit is built around our very own legendary Galaxie power units – we’re the manufacturer, and we’ve been custom tailoring central vacuum systems to our customers’ exact needs for over 50 years. Let our experts design a system specific to your home and needs. Plus, buying FACTORY DIRECT from us, with our flexibility in creating the perfect kit for your needs WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! Get your Quick Quote now!

What about Contractors and Home Builders?

Stop guessing or over-buying. Buy exactly what you need for your next installation job – let us help you assemble the right selection of fittings and parts by ordering as a kit. Take advantage of our experience to put together just what you’ll need. Got building drawings? Send us your building plans and we’ll design exactly what you need. Get your Quick Quote now!